Today's Adolescent

Today’s youth is faced with a variety of challenges as they mature into adulthood. Unfortunately disease conditions that have traditionally been reserved for adults in the 4th, 5th and 6th decade of life are plaguing our young population. This page is provided as an educational tool for parents to learn more about health topics that may directly impact their children’s' lives.

Health & Adolescents                                         Good Health Takes "Teen Work"

Soccer                                                                    Tennis

Protecting Children                                             Computer Ergonomics

Is Chiropractic Safe?                                          Child Car Seats

Back Packs                                                           Steroid Use

Kids & Sports                                                       Choosing A Chiropractor

Tell the Doctor                                                      Nutritional Advise for a Healthier You

Posture                                                                  Tips for a healthy spine

Are you Drinking Enough Water?                     Scoliosis