What Should I Be Doing As A Patient

  • Follow the Treatment Plan: It's important to follow the doctor's instructions. Your plan of care is designed to both reduce pain, and improve function (quality of life). So following the plan of care optimizes your chances of success.
  • Treatment: The principle treatment procedure in a chiropractic office is spinal manipulation, also known as the adjustment. The purpose of this procedure is to restore normal joint motion and reduce pain associated with irritated nerve endings. In addition to the manipulation/adjustment our office may use a variety of modalities to help reduce pain and muscle spasm. Discuss any concerns you have prior to receiving these services. Do only the exercises prescribed by your doctor and follow any and all self care/home management instructions the doctor has reviewed with you. Complete the exercises in the number, order, and frequency given. Don't skip any, and don't do extra exercises - following the directions will help you heal faster and get your quality of life back sooner. More is not always better. The doctor may also recommend nutritional supplements and durable medical equipment such as postural supports, orthopedic braces/supports, custom-fitted orthotics or cervical pillows, which are all designed to help with the healing process as you go through treatment.
  • Understand Your Body. It helps to know what's going on and why. Ask questions and pay attention when the doctor explains the injury and the treatment. You'll probably be amazed by the way your body heals itself. And you'll want to know how the affected area functions so you can spot problems or avoid further injury in the future.
  • Talk To The Doctor If You Have Problems. If things hurt, you have questions, or you're not making progress the way you thought you would: ask. The doctor and his staff are there to help you.
  • Celebrate Your Successes. When you follow the plan, you should see a difference in a few weeks. Bouncing back from more serious injury may take a few months, but there will be milestones along the way. Take a moment to appreciate the difference! Recovery can feel frustrating and slow - but it helps to stop and enjoy the successes, no matter how small.